S - Support and Training

Support & Training

Splash and Dash for Dogs International's Initial training program is "second-to-none". As part of your License purchase, our expert training team with over 30 years experience, educates you on the core components of the Splash and Dash for Dogs program.

Our entire team is motivated and focused on helping you grow your business. Our blended learning solutions provide everyone the capacity to understand the subject matter and, by graduation, have all the necessary knowledge to build a profitable Splash and Dash for Dogs profit center.

This provides you with a greater knowledge of the program and will allow you to hit the ground running and strive for success. We feel your training experience is the key to your success, and we pride ourselves on providing the very best.


Splash and Dash University™

Launched in 2010, our eLearning and Certification programs are a great offering from our Training Department as a continuing education tool.

We offer self-paced courses and certifications through an online university style setting enabling all of our owners with an on-demand learning environment. Courses can be taken at your own pace and include some of the following subjects; "Building the foundation for a great sale", "How to build rapport", "How to present features and benefits", "How to close the sale" and "How to add-on to the sale".

In addition, we provide monthly webinars with industry executives and personnel to discuss the latest and greatest happenings within their organizations and the industry as a whole.

Finally, the Splash and Dash University allows you to grow your business at your pace, by allowing you to bring on Team Members when you want. Our Splash and Dash University Online program gives you the flexibility and affordability to achieve this, without waiting for classes to be scheduled.


Splash and Dash University Certificate of Completion


What happens after training?

We throw you to the wolves, right? WRONG! Unlike other organizations, we follow-up with each of our owners on a regular basis, sometimes daily. Your Business Development Liaison will guide you through those pivotal first steps from bathing room setup to business planning and all the way through marketing and selling the program. We cover ALL the bases with you, so nothing is forgotten. We will even provide one-on-one training by appointment as needed for any owner/partner needing that extra attention. Your Business Development Liaison can be reached 6-days a week by phone or email between normal business hours.


Do You Need a Gentle Nudge In The Right Direction??

At some point we all do! We would like to offer you a simple, thought provoking guide that explains how measuring your performance through accountability really matters in your business.

Download our free guide here...


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P - Profits

Splash and Dash for Dogs prides itself on being the most profitable (55% to 65%) recurring profit center in the industry. Our margins surpass the typical grooming, retail or boarding returns. As you partner in Splash and Dash for Dogs our Business Development Liaison is devoted to helping you manage and understand your monthly numbers from payroll %, inventory turns and or payroll vs gross sales. Regardless we are here to help insure you maximize your profitability.


Want to know some tips on Increasing your profits now??

Here are some simple but effective ways you can increase your profits now...

Download our guide to increasing your profits here...


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L - Loyal Customers

Splash and Dash for Dogs understands the value of your existing Loyal Customers. However, as part of thour program, we will teach you how to turn Loyal Customers into RAVING FANS that help you promote you brand and bring in new customers daily.


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A - Advanced Marketing

The Splash and Dash Marketing Department is ready to help you with your marketing needs! In addition to our ready-to-print collateral, we can create a custom piece that may better suit your advertising needs. Not only can we help you design and print your piece, but we can also share with you our success matrix based on our own shop in Palm Desert, CA.


Do you have a Marketing Plan in place?

Marketing always seems like a daunting task. But really doesn't have to be. A few simple things, done one at a time, can either help you get started, or enhance the plan you already have in place.


We want to show you that Marketing need NOT be Rocket Science

Download our simple Marketing Guide here...


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S - Systems and Technology

Technology Summary

Splash and Dash for Dogs employs cutting-edge, web-based technology solutions specifically designed for our program. These systems include everything you need to market, sell and service your customers, including tools designed specifically for our Licensee Owners.


Business Center

Our private Intranet is your gateway to the rest of the enterprise. It connects you everything you need to manage your Splash and Dash for Dog program. The greatest part of our Business Center is with a internet connect, the site is available 24/7.


Data Center

Your data is housed in a state-of-the-art data center that provides constant backup power, fire suppression and high-speed internet connectivity. All data is backed up to tape and stored offsite on a daily basis. This means that in the event there is a catastrophic equipment failure, your data is never at risk. Additionally, this facility is designed to withstand a Category 5 hurricane and can be sustained through back-up generators for 14 days. No matter how bad the weather gets, your data will always be protected and accessible.


Payment Card Industry Security Standards

Identity theft is on the rise, so we make sure your customer's financial data stays private by following the PCI security standards. This includes daily and real-time anti-virus scans, firewalls and data encryption. We also employ a third party to perform monthly vulnerability scans to ensure your data stays safe.


New Communication Systems

We are enhancing and improving the ways you reach your clients. We help you take your message to your clients in the most effective ways available today. Our iBark Voice Broadcasting service and eBark Email Marketing service are our most successful marketing programs and we are excited to share them with you!

Let us show you how to get your phones ringing in less than 15 minutes here!!


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H - How to / Help Our service team is second to none! Simply put, we are here to help you at any stage to implement our Splash and Dash for Dogs program in your shop and to help you grow your business to all new heights.


Do you know the Common Pitfalls of a Business???

There are 12 common pitfalls that happen with grooming shops across the country.

Evaluate your business to see if your business is currently affected or is in danger of falling into one of these traps!

Download the questionnaire here...


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If you would like to see how our Unlmited Monthly Bath and Brush Program can:

  • Raise your profit by up to 30%
  • Increase foot traffic by an average of 25%
  • Make up to $5,000 a month in steady monthly income

We would love to show you our program! Request A Demo Today!

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